What Makes us Different

What Makes us Different?

  • Affordability of Northeast Alabama University is one critical component to its success. It not only accepts credit transfers and credits for prior learning experiences, but also gives scholarships and overall a reduced tuition fees compared to any institute of its nature, while honing the innate leadership skills of its students.
  • Convenience is synonymous with Northeast Alabama University because students are allowed to study when they want, where they want, how they want and at the speed they decide, which makes attaining the degree incredibly easy and convenient.
  • Quality of Northeast Alabama University programs is unquestioned to-date. The state of the art online system coupled with personal attention for each student and team oriented learning prepares each student for a practical implementation of the knowledge they have attained.
  • Tenacious leaders, who are molded by Northeast Alabama University, instill in themselves the personality traits often ascribed to leaders and visionaries. These persistent alumni then change the very meaning of leadership within their industries.