How It Works?

How It Works?

Succeeding in an online degree program requires you to be organized and resource-aware. Northeast Alabama students have free access to all of the services offered along with anything related to the courses, and as time progresses, they become familiar with the options and comfortable with the variety of tools available.

Along with that, our admission process demo allows you to be more familiar with how to go about admissions at Northeast Alabama. Along with that, Northeast Alabama's education process orientation walks you through the online education experience in a short video.

The Admission Process

The Northeast Alabama admission process is streamlined to help you stay on track toward reaching your ultimate goal. Keeping flexibility and ease in view, Northeast Alabama University has kept its admission process simple, allowing students to enroll in a few simple steps

Step 1- Apply Now Form

The first thing you have to do is fill out the apply now form and give us some information, including your name, contact details and the programme you are interested in.

Step 2- Enrollment Fees

After filling out the form, a result summary will be emailed to you, asking you to pay your enrollment fee of £ 199.

Step 3- Free Course

As soon as you pay the enrollment fee, you will be allowed to take a course of your own choice free of cost.

Step 4- Complete the Admission Formalities

After completing your course, you will choose if you want to complete your entire degree programme. If so, you will be required to provide your information along with the preferred start date along with the mode of payment.

Step 5: Pay Tuition Fees

After completing your admission formalities, your programme is streamlined and your credit transfer and financial aid, prior learning credits and total programme fees is finalized. Once you pay your tuition fees, you can access your online classrooms and start studying right away.