Our Faculty

Our Faculty

With an objective of imparting high quality education in students, Northern Port University employs expertise of only vastly experienced and qualified professors for its faculty. With majority of our faculty holding a PhD in their specialized area of study, our professors and teachers are the best in the industry. Students at Northern Port not only benefit from the knowledge of the university's faculty, but also the years of industry experience and insight these extraordinary individuals possess.

The faculty at Northern Port University is responsible for the overall development of each of our programs and is categorized as follows:

Visiting Faculty Members
A large number of teachers, professors, educationists and industry experts from around the world are part of Northern Port University as visiting faculty members. The visiting faculty members contribute by:

  • Managing assessment of class work and assignments
  • Creating course content
  • Providing students with recommendation letters for better job placements
  • Interacting with students online
Northern Port University in collaboration with other colleges and universities across the globe enables students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of their highly qualified faculty, including PhD degree holders.

Permanent Faculty Members
Northern Port University's permanent faculty members are industry experts who have years of experience in teaching, course management, online exam development and student assessment. The permanent faculty members contribute by

Classroom Management:
Northern Port University program's curriculum undergoes extensive and continuous development, carried out by our Permanent Faculty Members. Faculty members in this category manage online class rooms for better delivery of course content.

Student Assessment:
A third and highly important function of the dedicated full-time staff is to develop online exams that effectively check the learning of students. They are instrumental in developing the objective criteria and effective exams by which our students are judged and passed.