Career Counseling Services

Career Counseling Services

With Northeast Alabama's career counseling services, students have access to the very best of career counseling, career coaching and advice. We help students become clearer about what you want to do and how to be focussed in getting it.

Choosing a career path can be a daunting task and requires a lot of thought process. Being a student or working adult, you might not be fully prepared to analyze your career options, ambitions and aspirations and choose a career path that is perfect for you. However, Northern Port University offers career counseling services that will equip you to fully utilize your potential and realize your ambitions

Along with this service, you will additionally get:

  • Links to top 3 job portals in your region
  • Downloadable guide that reveals secrets to successful interviews
Following is the process for career counseling services at Northeast Alabama University.

1. Choose the most suitable option and complete the following questionnaire

2. Based on your result, a career counselor will be assigned to you, who will guide you through the entire procedure

Take advantage of career counseling services offered by professionals!