Northeast Alabama Career Centre

Northeast Alabama Career Centre

Northeast Alabama University strives to provide students with quality education and at the same time offers them various opportunities for professional development. In this regard, Northeast Alabama provides its students excellent career development services and improves their employability through a number of ways. We aim to develop students professionally in a way that fullfils their ambitions and helps them land desired jobs. These professional services provided by Northeast Alabama to students make it a complete online university and that is one of the reasons for its worldwide recognition.

We offer our students the following exclusive career development services, which are designed to assist them in succeeding both academically and professionally.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Services

A resume is extremely important since its content and format may win the first impression you make on the potential recruiters. When you employ Northeast Alabama's resume and cover letter writing services, we aim to increase the number of interviews, and job offers, so you could feel confident about your prospects.

Resumes are your written representation in the corporate world, and play a significant role in making a good impression on prospective employers. And with us, your perfect resume, cover letter and subsequently a dream job are just a click away.

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Job Placement Services

Northeast Alabama University through a number of different ways, assists students in landing a job that meets their requirements. Our placement services are designed to develop students professionally and assess the match between a students employability skills and available jobs

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Career Counseling Services

With Northeast Alabama's career counseling services, students have access to the very best of career counseling, career coaching and advice. We help students become clearer about what you want to do and how to be focussed in getting it.

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